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Welcome to the Pandora Non-Customised SMS API. Our API that is flexible, scalable, and easy to integrate. Get familiar with our product by getting started or exploring our API documentation.

Get Started

The current version of the API lives at https://www.sms.thepandoranetworks.com/API/sendSMS/.

Inorder to use the API to send SMS, you must have created a Pandora SMS Account .



Request Type



These are separated using the “&” sign just like in a normal http get.

Number: This represents the URL encoded phone number.
Message: This represents the URL encoded SMS you are sending out. The message source Must have a maximum of 160 characters.
Sender: This represents who the message is coming from. Sender can have a maximum of 11 Characters and needs to be URL encoded too.
Username: The API callers username used to login to Pandora SMS.
Password: The API callers password used to login to Pandora SMS

Success Response

If your request is success, a JSON object is retirned as follows

{"success": true, "message": "Your success message"}

Error Response

If your request is not success, a JSON object is retirned as follows

{"success": false, "error_message": "Your success message"}

Sample Call

You can send SMS by just calling a link. e.g.


The above link will send the message “My First Pandora SMS Message" to 256700xxxxxx using the login details pandoratest and password api_test

If you are to send to multiple number using the above link please separate the numbers with a comma(,) e.g


Note: Send to Airtel and MTN contacts only

function SendSMS($username,$password,$sender,$number,$message) {
$url = "sms.thepandoranetworks.com/API/sendSMS/?";
$parameters = str_replace("[message]", urlencode($message), $parameters);
$parameters = str_replace("[sender]", urlencode($sender),$parameters);
$parameters = str_replace("[number]", urlencode($number),$parameters);
$parameters = str_replace("[username]", urlencode($username),$parameters);
$parameters = str_replace("[password]", urlencode($password),$parameters);
$response = $parse_url[0];
return json_decode($response, true);
// function calling
SendSMS('pandoratest','api_test','Pandora', '256703xxx', 'Pandora SMS Hello World');

The above PHP code will send the message “Pandora SMS Hello World” to 256703xxx

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